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What is a SOG?

Its a small ventilation system you attach to your Thetford or similar toilet cassette, which then keeps the cassette ventilated in such a manor that no chemicals are needed and it also stops odours entering the living space of your caravan or motorhome.

SOG Toilet Ventilation System is the ecological solution for motorhome and caravan toilets. It is 100% chemical free. Surely the saving on the use of chemicals must be a bonus when you think what these chemicals do to our environment. 

We stock two kits for cassette type toilets. Made with the traditional German engineering and know-how, this is a solution to a smelly problem which will be an investment in quality of lifestyle.

  • Additives are no longer necessary and optimal decomposition is guaranteed by the increased flow of oxygen.
  • The fast and powerful ventilator immediately removes odours by suction
  • No more smells in the vehicle
  • No further problems with the pressure of gases caused by decomposition

The ventilator is switched on as soon as the blade valve starts to open and is switched off again when the blade valve is closed. The fact that no smells can leave the waste holding tank is brought about by - as soon as the ventilator is switched on there is a suction effect in the waste holding tank which draws in fresh air through the blade valve. This down-flow acts as a seal and prevents the gases and smells from rising. The fresh air that is drawn in removes the new odours in the toilet bowl when it is being used.

The decomposition process for sewage and toilet paper is accelerated by the increased flow of oxygen so that no additional chemicals are required. Ordinary toilet paper, not special for chemical toilets, should be used so that this is decomposed completely.

The exhaust ventilator with its motor has been specially developed for sanitary systems. The power consumption, 0.43 watt, is very low.

What's the down side?
The 'UP' side is no smells in the van, but the downside is that the smell is greater when emptying the cassette!

Kit type A for all types C2, C3, C4

All Thetford waste holding tanks can be modified for the SOG WC ventilation system. The equipment makes the use of chemicals superfluous, optimal decomposition is guaranteed and unpleasant odours are removed including during use.


Waste holding tank 20 litre - bench type - SOG-2 Connection type A.



Kit type B for all types C200

Stiftung Warentest (The German "Which?") consumer magazine 6/97 stated definitely that for all toilets with ventilation : "Chemical additives are completely superfluous, and these toilets may be used to the benefit of one's nose and the environment."

17 litre waste holding tank in
vehicles with rotatable toilet bowls
Kit for C 200 - no boring of holes
necessary. The over pressure valve
is replaced by a connecting piece.
Type A, & B The filter housing with
an active charcoal filter mat neutralises the gases at the outer wall of the vehicle.
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Kit type A for Bench toilets
(C2 C3 or C4)
Order code - ML01663  
Kit type B Swivel WC bowl
(C200 - CW or CS)
Order code - ML01664  
Extra Cassette Adaptor Order code - ML01665  
Renewable Carbon Filter Order code - ML01666